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Vessel For Sale

Landing Craft

Towing Tug

37m Landing Craft (LCT)

45m Landing Craft (LCT)

68m Landing Craft (LCT)

79m Landing Craft (LCT)

22.9m Towing Tug

23.9m Towing Tug

26m Towing Tug

27.5m Shallow Draft Towing Tug

30m Towing Tug

32m Towing Tug


Fishing Vessel

61.8m Anchor Handling Towing Supply  (AHTS)

20m Fishing Trawler

22m Fishing Trawler

24m Fishing Vessel

24m Cray Boat

Harbour Tug

60T BP Harbour Tug

Passenger Vessel

235 Pax Aluminium Passenger Ferry

Fast Crew Boat (FCB)
Multipurpose Workboat/ Multicat

40m 80Pax Aluminium FAST Crewboat (FCB)

34m 60Pax Aluminium FAST Crewboat (FCB)

42m 80Pax Aluminium FAST Crewboat (FCB)

45m 80 Pax Aluminium FAST Crewboat (FCB)

18m Multicat/ Workboat

20m Multicat/ Workboat

22m Multicat/ Workboat

24m Multicat/ Workboat

28m Multicat/ Workboat

30m Multicat/ Workboat

Passenger RORO Trimaran

60m Passenger RORO Trimaran

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